GHOSTWRITER lyrics , pdf & audiolink



I could have held you that night

Instead our diner table kept me on the other side

In many ways I had to make a stand

I could have told you a lie

Instead I told you nothing and I didn't even try

So many things you wouldn't comprehend

I died in here


I could have learned how to cope

With the fear and with the anger with my sexuality

The stuff that turns a boy into a man

I could have walked out that day

Instead I took the guestroom but I didn't really stay

A void I left on my side of the bed

I cried in here


I remember a feeling

Feeling good I recall

But the last time I felt it

I don't remember at all


I could have sold the old place

Now I live with built-in memories

These walls I have to face

A storyline in need of a good end

I write in here

I hide in here

I cried in here

I died in here




Where did you get all that money

‘cause the shirt and the cap and the shoes on your feet

Well I know they don’t come cheap

When did you get so suspicious

‘cause I can tell from your eyes that you think that I hide

What has not come out just yet


Ain’t it easier, if it’s obvious

That there’s something going on whether right or wrong

That you come to talk about it

‘cause I’m easier when you open up

And it’s hard to hang around when the ties are cut


How did you get such a headache

Would you believe it were just a few beers

Now you know I’ve had my share

You could as well be broken hearted

Are you left filled with grief did you fuck up or leave

Well you know that I’ve been there


Where did it get so complicated

I’d figured I’d be the right person to see  

When it would get out of hand

Now that you got, got so troubled

And this kid that I see that may look just like me

Is a totally different man




Watching a Detective on the big flat screen

Empathetic with a fucked up personality

Questioning yourself and your sanity

Cause this person here could be you you see


Come on come on come on, it’s in you and you only


You’ve been hanging with the Cure since you were fifteen

Flirting with the dark Pornography

Surrendering yourself to teen misery

And it made you feel life was all too real


You made a good home how could it fall apart

How could you foresee it would break your heart

So you dealt with guilt and made a brand new start

Is that who you are to let it go so far

Many a burden you can carry around

Obscuring the fact you may be safe and sound

When you gotta live up to a truth you found

But your light may shine when the sun goes down


04. ROOM 242


Stuck in Cologne 

With a Squier Baritone

It’s just been a wonderful day

I’m in room 2-4-2

There ain’t much to do 

Then just check out the Tele and play


A few hours have passed

Will my battery last

The charger’s in a bag in the car

But the car’s locked away

In a dark parking place

Safe in the big city’s heart


Yes we should have looked better

And it makes you look stupid

But we’re happy together

And we’ll soon be on our way


My Personal Jesus

Gets played on TV

As the day’s coming to an end

The Iphone’s percentage

Dropped down to thirteen

So I send a short message to my friend


We spent a few bucks

And we cheered to good luck

Then surrendered to our memory hotel

Fell under the sheets

Into a pretty deep sleep

With a lovely little story to tell




As a kid I must have felt it though I never really held it

In my hands that there was magic in this thing

The tension and relief in finding something to believe in

Even though it’s only metal, wood and strings


It was there for me even when I couldn’t see

What it means to find a partner chasing dreams


Now it’s precious but it’s vivid, there may be no money in it

But it’s just the thing to keep me on my feet

And it surely took me places where those people gave me faces

Or it got too hot but I would stand the heath


It can tempt me so disturb me even though it wouldn’t hurt me

It can stop me in my tracks or hold me back

But I love for my beloved for my children to discover

Such a comprehensive present to unwrap

See I’ve had so many encounters and so many hung around thus

In a house so rich with pickup artists’ fame

I find them or they find me in a handshake they can bind me

In the end they’re incarnations of the same




Almost 40 years ago now, did we lose you or did you

On a mountain trip out walking, leaving clues but just a few

You were graceful not real pretty, a sloppy dresser yet in style

We would search for unknown pleasures spinning records on long winternights


Did you lose it for a second

Did it take forever days

Something opened up a gate?

Were you scared or in a rage

There’s no answer to these questions

Did you jump or did you fall

I just hope you found your way

You knew better after all


Today I can’t remember, did your brother make the call

Or a teacher or a classmate, did you slip or hit a wall

Oh those memories disturb me but the things that I know best

We were friends in just a flash, we were brothers we were made to last


The church was dark and heartless with a reverend preaching doom

And I could not believe that you were present in that room

There’s a family now living in the house under your loft

With a toddler and a baby and a dad gone out to walk the dog




Quiting ain't easy

Old habits die hard

I'm dealing with things that would please me

Keep me from falling apart

Even if they could kill me

Be a threat to the heart

Quiting ain't easy

Giving up is just a start


How do I shake these blues

That would supply the tools

To make me feel quite good

In a desolate mood

Look at these trembling hands

They make me nervous man

You know that in the end

All that it takes is a cigarette


How do I keep my cool

Without the proper fuel

I'm like nobody's fool

And fooling nobody too

How do I hold my peace

I break out into speech

Can't choke back the tears

All that it takes is a big scene




I spent a little money on a lemon crunch scoop

Lost track as I ate it, it tasted so good

And I found a nice spot in the shadow

There’s a little grey robot, at home on the grass

Spinning and mowing, living up to the task

And I’m gazing with great affection


So nice to be distracted , letting go just let it happen

If a simple step aside can make you happy, even only for a while


I spent the best quarter of an hour or so

Old cat on my lap, she purred and I stroke

Then she left me with my eyes closed

Got me a coffee and I got me a Mars

My bag’s riding shotgun and the radio talks

We are making a home on the freeway


There’s one hell of a party going on in mind

Do I disappear do I socialize

Should I greet the unexpected




Somedays it just won’t work, you can’t be your own zen master

Your mission must be someone else’s call

And you’re buckled up so you can’t rise or fall


Someone’s giving you shit, like they think they have a right to

It makes you feel like slamming office doors

Or walking out like you never come no more

Making clear that it’s them instead of you

But it’s something you won’t do, you got used to feeling used

No you’re not in tune


Someone’s dialing you up and you just don’t feel connected

Yet they make you feel like hanging up is rude

Selling you stuff letting go you can’t afford to

Offers all it takes is saying no to

But it’s something you won’t do, you might as well be fooled

No you’re not in tune


Some boys are calling you names from a corner down your own street

And it makes you feel like you turned into the wrong hood

Go telling them they’re not where they’re supposed to

Make it clear they break into your home

But it’s something you won’t do, you might as well just move

No you’re not in tune




You took a walk went into town

Trying to find some solid ground

With all that shit going down

You try to wrap your head around

You wanna make things make it work

To make it work things must be done

This tied up person you become

Trying to wrap your head around

Find solid ground


Dog gone wild and put to sleep

A promise made you couldn't keep

Sometimes you find you dig to deep

Trying to wrap your head around

Costs of living trouble housing

Gone through the roof and it's arousing

Stuff inside you that's just haunting

You try to wrap your head around

And find solid ground


A grand piano resonates

With things you love or fear or hate

To feel with sounds you generate

You try to wrap your head around

If I knew I told you how

To think it through and figure out

Now it's an obstacle I found

I try to wrap my head around

And find solid ground




Oh boy I could drink

It would guide me through the dark hours

Spirits and drafts gave me a break

And handle a good deal of the pain

Oh boy I could drink

It would make me braver and stronger

My worried feelings I could shake

And scare all the demons away


Why do you stare at me, where's that sympathy

Where's the warmth, your tender embrace

All this stuff's too real, your part of the deal

It gets to me, it's right in my face


Oh boy I could drink

I would team up with buddies or lovers

The recepy was just give and take

One thing at the time, day by day

Oh boy I could drink

Broken hearted, wasted, hungover

I simply would crash and fall asleep

Just a little thirst I would keep


Oh boy I could drink

Now I'm missing my bootleg companion

Always a code we would crack

A message in a bottle to hack

Oh boy I could drink

So much that it could last me a lifetime

And there's only so much you can take

So I traded in my drinking days




There’s always someone to blame, the voice of wisdom’s on the streets

It names and shames it posts and tweets, always someone to blame

The writing’s on the wall it’s hot but deadline’s crossed, spoiled the plot

Page is turned, ghostwriters got always someone to blame


Cars computers markets crash, a shipload jams Canal Suez

Ever Given gifts and stash, always someone to blame

Embarrasment comes creeping in this bed of roses I’m sleeping in

My pride that I am keeping with, always someone to blame


Isn’t that just what it should be like, there’s human hands and minds behind

The powers that could change our lives, always someone to blame

And if there’s so many people to blame how can you look the other way

Wash those hands and call it a day, always someone to blame


In temples chambers private rooms in apps and chats on teams and zoom

Our faith is sealed our doom and gloom, always someone to blame

Still I’m a man of dance and song, a man of words and sing alongs

That ring like I don’t sound so wrong, always someone to blame




I don’t have to tell her about those candybars

I bought myself out walking, or that I took the car

I don’t have to twist it, I don’t have to show

She just knows


I’ve had my hesitations, I fear my darker moods

That make we wanna crawl back, not out yet of the woods

But I don’t have to serve it, I don’t have to go

She just knows


I watch her in the doorway, she’s on her way to work

I love te see her change, trousers dresses skirts

Maybe I should tell her and maybe not suppose that

She just knows


We met eachother’s demons, that put you to the test

When love it don’t seem quite enough to make the promise last

I ask her do you want me still and then she tells me so

She just knows