Satellite Shuffle

Dinsdag 22 februari 2022



It's early Januari 2022 and a lot of things are not happening. Again. Cancelled string of liveshows, another postponed album production with a befriended singer songwriter, a not happening diner party here or resceduled meeting there... the usual I guess you can say after two intense, strange, uncertain yes almost surreal pandemic years. 

I spent days watching a ton of YouTube video's, mainly live performances by musicians that never fail to inspire me, move me, teach me but now just as easily make me sad. I still love what I hear but also experience that my personal musical journey is blocked. I'm on my own. Even if it's still there, the sounds and melodies that guide me, it's not getting me anywhere. 

I call my good friend, The Space Age Travellers' drummer Sjoerd. What's up? I'm either going crazy being locked up in this musical cabin fever or shall we get together and make an album? There's still a few unexplored song ideas on my iphone, all studiodays are wide open and maybe it'll ignite something new and exciting. There's also no plan. 

It's all it took. A week or two later we have arranged and tracked 12 brandnew completed songs, having had a blast doing so and we decide they'll be released sometime soon no matter what will follow. Just for the sake of the music itself and for the cure it provides for the Coronatimes Blues. 

So here's another instrumental record by The Space Age Travellers that we're very happy to present. It covers a lot of ground, as much emotionally as musically. Is it a jazz, blues, surf, rock or world music album? Who knows. It takes us places. It's our music! And yours. Enjoy! Love, 


BJ Baartmans, Feb 22, 2022.