Xmas Tale: Saviour's Sake

Woensdag 29 juni 2016




it's the end of the year and we're silent

gathered around the old tree

heavy our hearts we've fallen apart

no Jezus around to set us free

my brothers are settling old scores

our sister in law she's a mess

laughing too loud while fighting the tears

from a marriage not quite a succes


but hey what the hell

let's ring those bells

for saviour's sake raise the glass

to many more nights to be blessed

in silent holiness


our wishes are lost in translation

on a Chinese xmas gift shelve

our deeper needs demand tougher tests

putting great expectations to rest

a family lost in tradition

sinners in need of a saint

coming to town on this winter's day

sprinkling away the restraint


but hey what the hell...


snowflakes and carols a reindeer a sleigh

wise men and angels and jingle all the way


darkness makes way for the stars

like lights in the tree shining bright

intensions and bitter sweet comic relief

guiding us safe through the night